I recently delved deep into the possibilities of Houdini FX and decided to try a concept that had been lingering on my hard drive for a while.


Personal Project




Art Directio | 3D Animation


I wanted to achieve an effect that not only builds up by its mesh but also incorporates other effects to enhance the visual experience. After researching, I discovered that layering multiple effects on top of each other is the key to underlining the visual experience. However, these effects need to be art-directed to flow with the main component. To achieve this, I made sure that the mesh movement speed and the layered effects of the Pyro Solver and Particle Simulation were aligned.


Here are the tools I used: - Houdini Heightfield (Environment) - Houdini VDB (Hero Object) Advect by the Gradient of the SDF in a Solver - Houdini Pyro Sim with an adjusted Billiowy Smoke - Houdini POP Sim (Particle System) - Octane Render Also, I created the music myself and started to work with SoundFx in Fairlight/DaVinci Resolve.